Friday, March 2, 2012

Numbers, Stress and Anger

Today I really want to talk about Diabetes in depth...what is it?  what does it do to you?  will it ever go away?

Lets begin at the beginning, shall we? For those of you unfamiliar with the disease, there are three different kinds you can "get".  Type 1 is when your Pancreas decides that it doesn't want to produce the insulin you need in your body to allow sugar to get into your cells and produce energy.  This used to be known mainly as Juvenile Diabetes and still is for the most part.  The difference between years ago and now is the amount of "older" kids getting this disease. Type 2 is when your body decides that the insulin you do have is not allowing the sugar into your cells....this can cause something called insulin resistance(which can result in rapid weight gain especially around your organs).  And then we have gestational diabetes, which is, of course, while you are pregnant.  After childbirth, you go back to normal.  However, the percentages of women who had GD and will actually become type 2 is very high.

I started out with PCOS, 10 years later(which amazed the docs) it turned to Type 2 and 2 1/2 years later has become Type 1 AND 2- a double Diabetic.   This is frequently the case with people who have Insulin Resistance and I have heard it often from other Type 2 Diabetics.

Despite all this, I am going to stick to my guns and say "Diabetes does not define me!  and I refuse to let it control me!  I control it"  For those of you who were like me last year; depressed and angry.  Let it go!  It doesn't do any good to stay that way.  Turn that anger and depression into something positive.  I know how hard it can be, especially when your numbers are crazy, your eyesight is wobbly and you can't feel your toes. Find another outlet.  Go for a walk, join a gym, or if it is really a chocolate needing a small piece of sugar free cake...

Another way you can vent!  Post on my blog, we can talk about it.  Reach out to loved ones, or even go see your doctor and get a therapist suggested.  There are people out there who can help and who understand. You are not alone.

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